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Thread: Field Independence

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcat View Post
    The primary tool was devoid of a thumb.
    Ah, but the tool shapes the environment just as the environment shapes the tool. One is nothing without the other; one does not grow without the ability to apply tools... one does not learn to hunt with spears with a thumb, and one does not learn to make spears without the ability to use spears. They must come together - the mind adapts to the body, to the environment. The mind grew too quickly for it to be purely evolution. It requires triggers to allow it to develop.

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    Field Dependence made Homo Sapiens Sapience the lord of the earth.

    Division is repetition.
    Did RNA discover the primary mode of division?
    The primary mode of division discovered the RNA.
    This is why they do not find a cure for cancer.
    The original file was lost. It was not needed any more. You cannot turn back the clock.

    Tic tic ..

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