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Thread: Be nice to nerds......

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    Quote Originally Posted by untypable View Post
    Because someday you willl work for one.

    Do you find this saying true?
    I never understood this saying. How is that supposed to make me feel kindly-disposed towards nerds? Surely it's more likely to make me want to kick the crap out of them?

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    I find it amusing so many people in this thread refered to nerds using words like "they" or "them," as if we weren't nerds ourselves.

    More and more nerds are running small companies these days. Also, many of the worlds richest are nerds...Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Google guys...

    The World's Billionaires -

    Look at, and read about the worlds billionaires ans see how many of them are nerds...look especially at the self-made billionaires.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    I find it amusing so many people in this thread refered to nerds using words like "they" or "them," as if we weren't nerds ourselves.
    Hey!I resent that!I'm no nerd. If anything, I'm a geek!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptgatsby View Post
    Not really. I find most of the nerds end up being academics. Most can't handle the 'real world'. They still just watch.
    The real world is hard for anyone to participate in without feeling like they're being sucked into a cesspool. I can't say I blame the nerds.. considering I am one.

    For reference, whenever I use my long icescraper to clean off my car windshield and windows, I do Squall's victory pose from FF8 when I'm done.

    Ah I love my nerd moments. And the stares.
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    Thing is, managers and CEO's usually don't tend to be nerds.

    Nerds, though, have better probabilities for getting high-paying, good quality jobs. And there are more of those available (that's why the probability is higher).

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    So is being an introvert or socially inept a major disadvantage?

    If the most successful and powerful people are not the smaertest people in this world, then who are ythey?
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

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