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View Poll Results: Which type do you think tends to have the richest inner life?

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  • INTJ

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  • INTP

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Thread: Which type has the richest inner life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireyPheonix View Post
    doesn't everyone else do that? Do people actually walk around, not thinking. For real?
    They do, they just think about different things than we would. Perhaps I'm walking down the road thinking about what it would be like to have wings, and some of them are walking down the road thinking about what outfit they will wear out tonight, or stuff like that.

    At least that was the conclusion me and a friend came to when we swapped what we were thinking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    What... on EARTH, does that have to do with the quality of "richness"? You're talking about a person's ability (if you can call it that?) to live in their head. Which I really don't see having much to do with INFP anyway. That association is so arbitrary.
    "What on earth" do you care since you are not the OP?
    The OP clearly stated that she wanted each person to define richness for themselves.
    I happen to think that the ability to create an entire reality in one's mind AND live there IS "richness of inner life".
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