ESFPs are Decisive (Se/Ni) and ENFPs are Judicious (Ne/Si). ESFPs will take less time to plot their next course of action and will mobilize quickly. They will also have a tendency to accomplish the entire task at once. Their natural state is mobilized.

ENFPs are Judicious. They will pay more attention to the planning stages before mobilizing and may divide the task into several smaller segments. They take longer to mobilize and take action. Their natural state is relaxed.

ESFPs are Strategic and ENFPs are Tactical. ESFPs consider pre-defined goals more important than the methods used to achieve them and will deviate to whatever tactics are necessary for the given goal.

ENFPs are Tactical. Methods of accomplishing a goal are more important than the goals themselves. As such, Tacticals prefer to leave their options open whenever they can. They are more willing to modify their goals to accomodate for their pre-defined procedures.

ESFPs are Positivists. They will tend to notice what is. ESFPs will look back on what has been accomplished. "There is this amount of liquid in this container."

ENFPs are Negativists. This does not mean they are pessimists; rather, ENFPs notice what is not. ENFPs look towards what is left to be accomplished. "This amount of liquid must be added to the glass."

ESFPs are Process types. They will pay most attention to the procedures of a task and will judge the outcome based on how accurately the procedure was followed. They perform tasks in set sequences.

ENFPs are Result types. They will judge completion of tasks based on the results yielded rather than adherance to procedure. ENFPs do things randomly and out of order.

ESFPs are Asking types. Their inclination is toward dialogue. In conversation, they will often interrupt with a "yeah" or "uh-huh." They tend to play the role of the listener rather than the speaker. They're more likely to hear a given point in a discussion and derail from that point in any direction rather than hear out a drawn-out monologue.

ENFPs are Declarative types. Their thought come out as if they were pre-formed. Their tendency is to monologue.

ESFPs are Democratic. They will tend to associate with larger groups of acquaintances. They judge other people on a personal level before anything else.

ENFPs are Aristocratic. They will define their relationships based on the larger social groups to which people belong. As a result, their circles of acquaintances tend to be smaller and more exclusive.