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    Default Memory and S vs. N

    So I'd like a few opinions on something.

    Lately, I've been realizing that I can't remember my life properly. When I try to think back on things, it's all very spotty. I have an excellent memory for vocabulary words or phone numbers or anything that can be willfully memorized. But conversations with people, how an event happened, even what I was thinking at the time are weirdly not there. Scenes that I do remember, I wonder if they're wrong, as if I'm making things up or filling in blanks with what I think should be there. This is mostly fine, I don't need to remember the details of every conversation I've ever had, but there are certain things I would really like to be able to remember for good.

    Is this an example of the fact that as an INTJ, Si is my worst function, or just me being odd/crazy? Do any other Ns feel this way, and if so does it bother you?

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    I have exactly the same problem (if you want to call it a problem...I do). And yes, it does bother me, especially lately when I've been trying to type myself based on childhood behavior. I barely remember anything, and what I do remember is fuzzy and vague...mostly impressions of what I felt at the time.
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    I was actually just talking about this with luminous beam on vent. I was telling her about how I was going to people's profiles just by renaming usernames in the url's, and she didn't get how I remembered everyone's names. I tried saying to her, "If you talk to the person, you remember their name....don't you?" As she's an INTP, I can understand why she doesn't. It's just something I do so subconsciously. It'd take effort for me to NOT remember a lot of things.

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    Same... I do not remember details... names and dates escapes me, but I'm good at recalling concepts... Sometimes I go, there's this thing I read about that's related to this idea... all I recall is a keyword or two and zero details. Thank goodness google's there to save the day.
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    I have the opposite problem. I can't remember phone numbers or names but I can remember conversations and past events pretty darn well.

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    I have really good recall of situations, conversations, and numbers. Would be interested if other ENFPs have the same.
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    My memory for events seems to be very selective. I might not remember something significant that I need to do, yet I can tell you something you said several months ago with pinpoint accuracy.

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    Hmmm, I don't have this problem at all. I tend to remember things from the past extremely vividly in terms of what happened and how I felt about it. I can recall conversations so well that some people assume I'm adding in details when I retell what happened. Things like what color shirt someone was wearing I'm not so good at it, unless it made an impression. I can remember numbers if they have a certain pattern. Names, words, and random trivia (that I find interesting) I'm also good at. My N is pretty high (first couple of tests were 85+ percent) so I have no idea why this is.
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    The thing for me, is that half the time, I have no idea what I'm physically doing, I'll be so wrapped up in my thoughts, I'll loose things, end up in weird places, it's weird. As for my memory, I think it's alright..I tend to remember themes, aspects, how I felt, I remember the 'air' of things..with certain parts of my life..instead of remembering what I was wearring, what time it was, what the weather and date were..classic N vs. S right there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raz View Post
    I was actually just talking about this with luminous beam on vent. I was telling her about how I was going to people's profiles just by renaming usernames in the url's....
    I do it, too. It's easy, after seeing their names on this screen again and again and again.

    Sometimes I have memories that I'm not sure are memories...people ask me a question, and it's like that suggestion that they made gets confused for an actual memory. So is it a real memory, or am I remembering something that never happened? I don't know.

    But childhood was a long time ago, sometimes I have trouble remembering how it looked through my eyes back then, too. And then there are specific moments that will always be stuck in my head. Some of them are obviously momentous, some are more random.
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