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Thread: Introversion and energy

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    I'm the picture perfect example of an energy-zapped introvert. When I'm at my college and my friends are particularly social for a week or two with little interruption, I "fade" more and more to the point that I literally just have to take a day or two to myself. That usually brings me back up to speed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bronte View Post
    Currently I can't remember ever feeling so tired before - physically I know that I'm out of shape and need to exercise but its more than this - it feels like a very deep rooted emotional? spiritual? God knows - tiredness - not depression - just a feeling of having run out of steam. I think I put this down to having to be constantly sociable for the last 6 months or so - Ive had to work very closely with a large team at work and at home with truly extrovert kids and their 100s of mates (who I love by the way) I'm never on my own

    I wondered if other introverts have felt this and what do you do to get your energy levels up!
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    I struggle to maintain my energy levels as well because I have a busy work and social life. The things that help me recharge are:

    1) Chill-out time. This can vary from a few minutes to a few days, depending on how run-down I've become.

    2) Physical activity, whether that's cleaning the house, dancing or riding my bicycle doesn't seem to matter, but a repetitive activity of some sort is particularly de-stressing.
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