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    Have any of you read The Type Reporter? It's a newsletter focused on real world applications for MBTI. They have a sample issue available. I found this to be particularly interesting:

    [T]he best thing about type is that most of the time, it frees you to do nothing. Before people know about type, they do all sorts of unproductive, harmful things, like worry, get mad at people, or try to change them. But after they know about type, they are more likely to understand, forgive, relax, and do -- nothing.
    They also have some articles posted here. (Including how to describe MBTI to people who think typing = stereotyping.)
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    Fascinating. At the top, I read about the INTJ child -- that's exactly the way I was when I was least, that's what my parents tell me.

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    I'm subscribed and have all the back issues. Good publication!

    I have also invited the editor (and her writers and staff) to MBTIC.
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    Excellent find, Llenyd.

    Crowsie, did any of them join?

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