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Thread: Jack Flak's Function System Adventure

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    About Ni, yes, I said that the way socionics describes Ni use in the INTP, it makes perfect sense. But so does the way MBTT describes Ti in the INTP. Hence: abandoning both function systems.

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    could it possibly be that the Si in the INTP is making some compromise with the Ne, so that it could be seen as somewhat Ni in the end ?
    That's BlueWing logic! And I disagree with it.

    I still think the best way to describe the functions is as I have, because it's simple, and doesn't go very far into the territory of "Well, it could be this, but we don't know."

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    Yes that's makes sense to me. That "it could be that" crap I dont like either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    I think you're missing the point, lemons. What defines a function as the Support function is being the most dominant function which doesn't compete with the Primary. When we Judge, we either use T or F to process (or both). When we Perceive, we either use N or S to acquire information (or both). If a person is more concerned with N than any other function, T or F may be the Support function.
    I "get it" now. I just had to read for a while because I wasn't really interested until I correctly started to see the sense in it. So far my faith in this science lies in Socionics. Their descriptions are spot on.

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