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    Default How to understand a strange relationship with an ENFP

    I really need an advice
    I'm in a strange relationship with an ENFP. We started to flirting a month ago, he started to send text to me and we finally figured out what we wanted to do. A relationship with no pressure, fun and talk.
    I'm an INTJ so I was really careful in the beginning but when everything was clear and spoken I was relaxed that everything was OK.
    Then he changed his mind and he said that he wanted to preserve the deep talk between us.
    Now we don't see each other for a long time and he seems distant, I really want to be with him and help him but I don't understand why he did and he said some really deep things to me and then disappear!
    So my question is: what's happened in his mind?
    If someone could figured out that would be great

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    Well I can't speak for everyone but, I've done things similar. usually involving falling really hard for someone and divulging something really deep and panicked that I said something too personal too soon, and didnt hear back and felt like I'd overstepped and they must think I'm such a basket case, and it just sort of devolved from there, and I ended up hiding in mortification. I don't know if this helps, maybe more details if you feel it's appropriate? feel free to pm me if you'd rather?
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