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Thread: How does our last instinct manifest itself?

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    Um, I consider myself sp last because ...well, I am sort of intense even when I am not trying to be intense, and I can share that intensity. I don't mold myself easily to fit another group/person, but I guess my so may be first/second (I really am not sure of the order) be first because I tend to fly between groups (I am not very grounded, in terms of my relationships with others). But at one point in my life (2 years), I reigned in that intensity when I felt dejected so that's when my "sp" came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noll View Post
    I'm not sure how my sx manifests itself, I always romanticize intimacy rather than actually pursuing it at all whatsoever, but oh I really do want it. I'm a passionate person and this I know... Just a little differently. Expressing oneself and seeking contact in the outer world is hard. Then again I'm young, very young! But at this rate... It's awfully sad to even think about, imagine all the people who have always been alone, there must be a few... I doubt I'm alone about feeling this way though, I think you may feel this way no matter what type and instinctual variant you are, somewhere inside of you under my or someone elses far worse circumstances. Very few people actually want to be alone! I can't be the only one having difficulty or being worried and anxious about it.

    Though sometimes I don't care about it at all. It's weird.
    I relate to most of this. I seem to alternate between desiring intimacy and not caring about it. I don't go directly pursuing it either. I just wait for it to happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    Probable sx-last

    I'm often assertive, but relatively calmly. I hold a large part of myself back and keep my cards close to my chest. That tendency of mine has rarely been an issue; it's just a thing that I don't care about. See also:

    I'm also not exactly a fan of what appears to me to be on/off, black/white, inconsistent, and sometimes manifesting in a brash and 'accusatory' manner.

    Let's see if this resonates with, like, the two other sx-lasts on the board.
    Make that three sx-lasts. And yes, it resonates.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    I think I'm a SP-last because I am horrible with managing my money, I overeat, I often forget to clean, I procrastinate on things like paperwork and taxes, etc.
    Autistic INFP

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaylorS View Post
    I think I'm a SP-last because I am horrible with managing my money, I overeat, I often forget to clean, I procrastinate on things like paperwork and taxes, etc.
    Yeah, maybe. Or you could just be an INFP.

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    I have no idea, soc is about caring about community and others or some bullshit along those lines right?
    I've never felt that way in my life.

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