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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Arendee View Post
    *dodges. makes frowny face*


    eh, in a Ti context, simply stating, "You're wrong because I said so" isn't very constructive.

    Speaking of God Realm Abundance

    good reflexes
    Is that you in the vid, if so what's up with the hot dog?
    I thought those of you in the god realm indulge in nothing less than nectar and ambrosia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiheroComplex View Post
    I've watched The Fountain. It made me cry, so I never watched it again. I'm not hating on the movie, just...all the unpleasant feels it gave me. I can handle broody, I can handle abstract, I love broody and abstract, and I'm emotional and I cry at movies sometimes, but. This. Just. Crossed a line or something. I literally had to drink myself happy again after it was over.
    I watched the movie while back, so I cannot recall exactly what it made me feel, all I can remember is that I couldn't get the music out of my
    head. You should try watching it again, see what happens this time, maybe it'll be easier this time. I remember when I was in elementary
    school my biggest emotional torture was a cartoon, I think it was called Littlefoot or something, all my friends were like:"Lets watch it", I was like: "oh no how can you endure the pain: a lonely dinosaur with no one in the world, wandering around, not belonging anywhere, how can your heart endure that, how??? lol Come to think of it, I haven't watched it since, maybe I'll burst into tears.(I didn't cry back then I was trying to look though, had an image to preserve )

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    I have no idea what 'animal realm' music would be. Also, from what I have seen, I don't like very much music that is typically enjoyed (from what I have seen in 'music for NFs' type of threads here and on other typology forums) by anyone of the same MBTI and Enneagram type as me. I like a lot of different stuff but it is pretty obscure for the most part.
    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    Then let me break your bubble - I like Sigur Rós because I like post-rock. It may not take up the biggest part of my music taste but I absolutely love bands such as God is an Astronaut and Russian Circles. I saw Red Sparowes live a couple of years ago when they played at a local pub. It's in fact one of the best live concerts I've been to.
    Dang, you're lucky. I love Red Sparowes and Russian Circles.

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    When it comes to my tastes, the god is the eyes. I'm primarily into music that is made with imagery in mind or that conjures it up. I think in scenes first, then translate it into communication. Sample-heavy music works well. Perhaps the music has been used in a film, or is a score, title or sting that just hasn't found its home yet (I enjoy knowing where it goes). If I see a song performed live, I'll take a liking to it even if I didn't notice it before. I don't know how this relates to the sx/so "realm". Heaven is pretty? Heaven is active and living?

    When I notice lyrics, it's because I relate to them experientially. Them just being very experientially oriented is good enough, too. This tends to mean on-the-ground storytelling over ideas or ruminating. I don't want to hear about how much your ex sucked; I want to hear about your ex. I want to hear the story of your sin, not how much you regret it. I'm turned off by too much judgment or romanticizing. I have a really good nose for how true a song is to life, and when the words aren't, I'll tune them out and judge based on the music.
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