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    I like oversimplification and I definitely like your model.

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    sx - I use Facebook so that I can find sexy pics of my females Facebook friends and masturbate.
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    I don't like opening up like this
    sp or just introversion?

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    I don't post much, mainly read about others' lives..... The couple times I have engaged in conversation with folks (particularly folks I went to highschool with) it's caused self-preservation walls to erect and a subsequent awkward flakiness in continuing the discussion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Infperson View Post
    sp or just introversion?
    Could be either, but is a stronger motivation for someone who is both (as I can corroborate.)
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    sp-dom (pretty sure) checking in here.

    I don't care for it and almost never post status updates, or 'like' things, or post quotes/videos, or whatnot... mostly because I think the entire thing is a big waste of time, highlighting trivialities [there are definitely a few exceptions], and I don't want to shift all of my interaction w/ people to the facebook medium (otoh, I have some friends who HAVE mostly shifted to it, which... meh) . I: 1)Play scrabble with a few people, 2)Post photos from my life, and 3)comment on some friends' photos or posts now and then, if they spark my interest or if I feel guilty because I'm not keeping up with their life because they only post on facebook and it's the only way I can check in every now and then.

    So it's not really tied to the privacy thing for me, more just... blech.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    ...mostly because I think the entire thing is a big waste of time, highlighting trivialities [there are definitely a few exceptions], and I don't want to shift all of my interaction w/ people to the facebook medium (otoh, I have some friends who HAVE mostly shifted to it, which... meh) .
    As an sx/sp, other than what I've expressed in the OP, this is mostly my perspective on it. There are plenty of friends which are significant to me which I probably wouldn't be able to stay in touch with at all without it. Because of that, I tolerate the trivial/superficial. I often get annoyed at the barrier this presents to deeper connections, and I then move to other more meaning-rich modes of communication. Also, I enjoy the precision and depth of thought written communication allows, but it cannot substitute face-to-face interaction because of the paucity of nonverbal communication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post
    sx: "It's a bit superficial, but I can sometimes use it to connect with others on a more meaningful level."

    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    It's also a way of maintaining connections without having to do any work at all. The fact that you see one another on your feeds means that you remind each other of your existence.

    Quote Originally Posted by senza tema View Post
    I just keep it around so I can hoard information about people without engaging them actively.

    It just pisses me off when people don't put enough information for my personal taste on their profiles. I want to know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. SHARE MORE.

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    I lol'd at the Social description in the OP because it's so damn true of me.

    Facebook is awesome! I like that I can keep up with my friends/maintain my real-life social network in a way that requires less of an energy drain than real life contact would. I like that I can make easier contact with friends that I might not see as often, stay up-to-date on their gossip/news, and keep them up-to-date on mine. My only annoyance with Facebook is that I haven't figured out how to post things only to "close friends"/etc, meaning 1) I have to tone down all posts/status updates/etc keeping in mind that I'm Facebook friends with both of my parents, and 2) I can't post anything that's highly personal when I'm friends with so many vague acquaintances.

    Edit: So many Facebook lurkers on this thread. Creeps me out.
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    so/sp and they couldn't pay me enough to use it. Insidious company.

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