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View Poll Results: What's your instinctual stacking?

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  • sx/so

    18 13.24%
  • sx/sp

    31 22.79%
  • so/sx

    23 16.91%
  • so/sp

    12 8.82%
  • sp/sx

    28 20.59%
  • sp/so

    24 17.65%
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    Administrator highlander's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    6w5 sx/sp
    ILI Ni



    Please provide feedback on my Nohari and Johari Window by clicking here: Nohari/Johari

    Tri-type 639

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    Senior Member statuesquechica's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    9w8 sx/so


    This is the type that exudes the most raw charisma and sexual energy. (I don't know if this is how others see me). They may identify so strongly with whatever they're involved with that they often become the symbol of its core essence, and sometimes its lead agent for change. Hardly content with the status quo, this subvariant seeks to alter the fundamental structure of something while at once embodying it's purest or most extreme form. Possibly attracted to radical views on politics, philosophy, spirituality or creativity that reflect their penchant for testing boundaries. They enjoy pushing other's buttons, especially those resistant to their modes of expression. It's not uncommon for them to have a pet social, political or spiritual cause which they're able to support with heartfelt conviction. May exploit and seek to redefine sexuality to reflect their own colorful and uncertain understanding of it. While prone to exhibitionism, they are strongly attracted to grounding influences which can anchor them and provide stability. Failure to satisfy an especially intense desire for connection may cause this subvariant to spite others at the risk of jeopardizing the need for an equal, stabilizing force. Can feel pulled between wanting a life of maximum intensity and reassuring episodes of peaceful convention. **this is soooo me!
    Motivation: to impact others, question assumptions, challenge convention.
    Familiar roles: provocateur, activist, exhibitionish

    The bolded is a very apt description for myself...people tend to have very strong reactions toward me, and very strange requests (maybe the sx/so?)
    I've looked at life from both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It's life's illusions I recall
    I really don't know life at all

    Joni Mitchell

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    sinnamon roll Flâneuse's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    9w1 sp/sx



    Self-Preservation 9 - Seeking Saftey/Comfort
    •Udit Patel The Comfort Seeker (Ichazo's "Appetite")

    Self-Preservation Nines are perhaps the most easygoing Nines, but they are also the most likely to need time alone, untroubled by other people's influence and requirements. They seek a sense of well-being through comfort: familiar routines, "comfort foods," and a supportive, uncomplicated environment are all highly valued. Self-Pres Nines have their own way of doing things, their own pace, and their own philosophy of life, and they will stubbornly resist any effort to change any of these things. Self-Pres Nines are also people of few words, preferring to communicate in nonverbal ways. They often pretend to be less savvy and aware than they actually are, as if tempting other people to underestimate them—so that they will be left alone. Positively, they are grounded and patient, possessing a great deal of common sense. They tend to have problems with overindulging themselves in food and drink, or conversely with rigorously controlling their diets [not anymore] —this is especially true of Self-Pres Nines with the One wing. They may also lack physical exercise. In any case, having their routine and lifestyle change is very challenging for them.
    high sp with moderate sx:
    sp/sx binger (midline) - can 'hang out' around likeminded persons to imbibe in favorite goodies, though social interaction itself is not a priority. they do however remain slyly conscious of interpersonal attraction, even if characteristically hesitant to make a first move. whether alone or not, retains an air of privacy, reluctant to 'come out' of themselves.
    quote: "all things in moderation, including moderation."
    role: the soloist, the mercenary
    exemplars: kobe bryant, anthony bourdain, simon cowell, robert deniro, harrison ford, ralph nader
    fictional from star wars: han solo

    These people often have an earthy, mysterious quality to them. They are quietly intense, but to others may seem oblivious to the greater social world around them, instead favoring personal interests. They are slow to commit, but once they do it is with an attitude of life commitment, to the establishment of an impermeable bond. Others can be taken aback by how suddenly and completely this type can lock into them, and by the depth of understanding of the other's condition. They attach to others at an organic, root level, in contrast to the other subvariant's surface formality. Somewhat hesitant to enter new relationships, they instead preserve the select few enduring bonds they carefully form along the way. The sanctuary of home is of paramount concern, and this type takes particular delight in decorating their spaces to reflect their cherished sense of taste and depth. Depth and discrimination characterize this stacking.

    Motivation: to live in a secure, comfortable environment where they can pursue their private interests in depth.

    Familiar Roles: the mate, the mystic, the quiet supporter.

    Examples: George Harrison, Jackie Onassis, Eric Clapton, Emily Dickinson
    9w1>3w4>7w6 sp/sx

    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” - Hermann Hesse

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    May 2014
    EIE Ni


    sp=so>sx (I was leaning sp/so for a while, but I'm changing my mind again!)

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    May 2014
    EIE Ni


    I'll add this test to the thread:

    My results.

    Sexual |||||||||||| 34%
    Social ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
    Self Preservation |||||||||||||||||| 58%

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    Jul 2014
    5w4 sx/sp


    Sp = Sx ________________________________________>__________________________________________ So

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    AK Video's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    4w5 sx/sp
    ESI Fi


    Not as much so in the poll.

    Voted sp/so, really more like sp = so.
    4w3 6w5 1w2 sx/sp ISFP

    RLOAX (don't do it)
    Melancholic Hufflepuff
    A lonely island where only what is permitted to move moves, becomes an ideal. Jung

    Kiss Kiss [johari] Bang Bang [nohari]

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    Senior Member NK258's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    6w7 sx/sp


    Sx/Sp .. Thought I was a Sx/So for quite some time but when I corresponded with Mario Sikora (he has some you tube vids out I like) it was insanely obvious I was a Sx/Sp.

    Did anyone else find it amusing that the highest votes were those void of social instinct. Lol!
    6w7 Sx/Sp (621 or 612. Same diff :p).

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    May 2009
    6w7 sx
    SEE Fi


    Sx/so...intensity plus soc, self preservation last, sadly last. I don’t know though, irl I am quite adept at telling strangers to fuck off or not talk to me. I don't know why I am prompted to respond to people who do not deserve my attention in the least. I don't know if its my upbringing as a Southern girl (Everyone has their place in society, there were not even REAL outcasts or
    Homeless where I grew up, it's like in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil when Kevin spacey says oh he can be a colorful character from time to time about a man who just threatened his life...then later he kills him)'s like the idea when no one teaches you to be assertive you only learn to be passive or aggressive.

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    Usually self type as sp/sx but I've been giving sx/sp some serious thought lately.

    I have all the sx-first neuroses and absolutely none of the advantages though. I'm murderously repressed.

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