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Thread: Determining my bf's instinctual variants...

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    Default Determining my bf's instinctual variants...

    aaaagh, I know it's annoying....but I post this thread because this question seems really really important to me at the moment. I found that many problems in the relationship could be better explained with enneagram and the variants...... My bf is definitely a 9, I guess w1. He has made two tests on similarminds, the variant test and the long enneagram test. on the first he had so-46, sx-42 and sp-42, and on the second one he had sx/so/sp....
    Now I don't really know how to find out what he or sx/so...... I find that some problems can be explained because of him being so, which I lack completely (sp/sx).....but this could also be the "secondary" so...... waaah...

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    Don't worry, seeking knowledge is never annoying. I agree with you that the enneagram and the variants are indeed valuable sources to analyze things, whether personally or regarding relationships.

    I've found that the test results are so inconclusive, as usual. Have you seen this page - Nine Stacks - the enneagram from the underground?

    I found the descriptions helpful to determine my own stackings. Maybe it will help you as well, it can't hurt, right? Good luck!

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