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Thread: Twitchy Birder Blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by creativeRhino View Post
    This was taken about 60kms from my place, but they also can be found in the riverland park a couple of hundred metres from my place.

    Rainbow lorikeets are well named.
    Beautiful. I love the colourful ones.

    Natrushka - awesome pics. What kind of camera and lens to you use?

    I'm SO jealous of the bittern shot!!! I can't believe he just walked into your backyard!! is one of my nemesis birds.. I have yet to see one...sigh.
    It's a digital, Canon, S3. The camera comes with an amazing lens, I haven't had to add to it yet, it gets me from 36

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    Default My "Batemans"

    I took these today in the snow - it was coming down so hard half the time I couldn't focus the camera on the birds. The photos have not been retouched, they're as they came off the camera.

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