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    We never had a rule about it growing up, but the first thing I do when I get to pretty much any house is take my shoes off. I like sitting cross legged on the couch, or really any chair, so it's more comfortable. I also just really like being barefoot for some reason. I often end up taking my shoes off at work as well (I supervise college freshmen in pretty much empty office). I actually used to take my shoes off in high school too. That one is actually kind of weird now. I would just go barefoot around the class room and leave my shoes under my desk.
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    I don't have much of a preference when going to someone's home ... OK, I do, I like when u go to someone's home and they have specialty guest slippers they give u and they ask if u wanna take a shower and when u come out they have candies and tea set out for u to munch on. When I've gone through countries where hosting and being very gracious to strangers was the norm they'd offer this and for someone like me ... it was soooo nice. When people come to my house, I want them to take off their shoes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal12345 View Post
    My podiatrist ordered me to wear shoes at all times. I don't strictly follow that order. But in my "culture" I've been to a few OCD households where they made everybody take their shoes off at the door. Most households aren't like that.
    The shoes issue aside, if you've had to be in OCD households very much, you have my sympathy. In my opinion, there aren't all that many things more unbearable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExNinjaTropPervertie View Post
    Nope. It is only an exhibitionist place They are not allowed to lay down. And they must also keep their legs crossed (or straight one against the other).

    On the other hand, they can keep their hat or cap on, I will not take this as a sign of impoliteness.
    This reminds me of some friends of mine who have a rule that if couples argue at their place they can 'continue arguing but it has to be naked and in bed'. It's remarkably efficient at restoring peace quickly!

    Once I went to a house that was more of a mansion really and in the front lobby they had a display of guest slipper's in all colours and sizes that were still new and wrapped. You could find an appropriate pair and then take them home when you left. It felt like the height of luxury!

    I prefer being barefoot. It's customary here for everyone to remove shoes. The only time I find it disconcerting is if I am wearing sandals in the summer and wish I could wash my feet before stepping on pristine light carpet for instance.

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    In my part of Canada most people take their shoes off. Even if they didn't, I would be furious if someone walked into my home with their dirty shoes.
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    Nope, shoes inside grosses me out. Not interested in the Public restroom-> parking lots -> dirty streets -> my house trajectory

    (I personally always wear house slippers though)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    Nope, shoes inside grosses me out. Not interested in the Public restroom-> parking lots -> dirty streets -> my house trajectory

    (I personally always wear house slippers though)
    Same here. The floors in my house are all hard, cold surfaces and it is just more comfortable, even in summer. When I visit, I bring a pair of my own slippers along.
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    Actually, the most place where bacteria and icky microorganisms reside is not the bathroom or public streets (like even NYC) but your own kitchen.





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    Growing up most of my family had a soft "no shoes rule". You didn't have to take your shoes off, but it was preferred because of potential dirt. Slippers were the alternative.

    I always feel uncomfortable taking my shoes off at a person place if I do not know them well, or it's for a brief period. Taking shoes off feels like you're a "step up" on the rung and are therfore given permission.

    idk, this is one of those weird social things that I had to come up with a rational system for to be able to copy what I ovserved.
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    In my house it was a rule we had to take our shoes off, but that's because my dad is Chinese so it's more of a cultural thing. I think I prefer it that way though after growing up with it - wearing shoes around the house sounds disgusting. Plus the less articles of clothing I have on the more comfortable I am; I'd rather wear the bare minimum because it's less constricting.
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