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Thread: Wearing shoes inside

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    Quote Originally Posted by violett View Post
    I wish, but my skills are inept on this forum when it comes to linking photos....Attachment 13191
    Oh, those are way cool.
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    can't go wrong with stylish comfort in the winter
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    I never go barefoot or even in socks in the house. I always have shippers/shoes on, mostly because my feet pronate and the ortho suggested I do. That said, I never EVER ask guests to remove their shoes. I think it's partially gross and partially rude. Unless they had really dirty/snowy shoes and boots but that would be the rare case.
    Guest slippers!
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    I take my shoes and socks off when i get home because I prefer to be bare foot. When I have guests round I have no rules as to whether or not they wear shoes. However they feel most comfortable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    I LOVE wearing shoes inside! Seriously, you'll never find a bigger supporter.

    ...we have a ton of people in the house and it gets dirty quick in here no matter what you do.

    Try taking off your shoes when you walk in the door.

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    My family's custom is that there is a doormat at the outside door (front or back) which is intended for you to scrap off the most obvious dirt/snow/etc. If the snow/dirt/mud is especially bad, the shoes stay outside and perhaps get washed off with an outdoor hose.

    At a beach house, it wasn't even SHOES that were the problem! We'd often be barefoot. The rule there was to use the hose to rinse of the sand and salt water off your feet (and the rest of your body) before going inside. Without that rule, there'd be a ton of sand inside, and the couches would gradually get encrusted with salt water.

    I've only had a few friends who insist on shoes coming off when you enter the house. It usually isn't a big deal, but sometimes I feel like the stinky feet spoil the indoor environment than whatever random dirt is on the shoes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post

    Try taking off your shoes when you walk in the door.
    That may work for a 4 family house with a dedicated cleaning schedule.. but 8 people with three of them being young children + dogs? Our house has two great danes.. I don't care what you do, those paws track in more mud, hair, and dirt than my shoes would ever bring into a home. Dust alone in a house of 8 people is ridic. Add to that lint from clothes, hair... some dirt being tracked in isn't worth the ... what.. 16 minimum pairs of shoes that would be cluttered up at the front of the house somehow? In comparison to just, say, sweeping and mopping and vacuuming each day which is what we do. Takes 15 minutes and there isn't a whole shopping aisle of smelly shoes right when you walk in.

    And that's not even counting the comfort of your feet not touching bare cold floors first thing in the morning, or house socks becoming wet because the dog trickled water from drinking, or we missed that tiny glass shard from dropping a mug yesterday..
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    do you use public toilets?
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    I hate shoes and socks! I've always taken my shoes off first thing when I step inside. Foot funk? Not usually a problem. If it is, it will dissipate or will go wash if it's that bad.

    One of very few things I love about living out here is that the service techs will slip these covers on their feet when coming inside the house since they can't remove their shoes!

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    We usually wear shoes inside unless they are contaminated in some way (e.g. salt, mud). There are mats by each entrance to scrape minor dirt off shoes.

    I always believed that this was a cultural difference, clearly there is more to it than that.

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