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Thread: Organic vs. conventional vs. gmo

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    I used to remember when strawberries were grown without pesticides.. I was an 80s baby, early one, and during ages 2-5 (mid 80s then in the U.S.?) most foods had not had use of pesticides.

    I was lucky, because assuming the soil quality was as pure as can be when the land was still organic and strawberries grown naturally, I remember the smell was so sweet, the colors sooo deep (it would stain my lips strawberry), the taste was amazingly sugary.. naturally flagrant and delicious!

    Now strawberries these days? Bland, and you're lucky to get one that has a deep vibrant color they used to be (grown conventionally). I miss my strawberries.

    BUT, you can always grow your own. Lorraine strawberries are great! And, you can always add compost tea to your soil to enrich your soil organically and naturally with a great tea mix full of diverse microbes. I sprayed on mine a few times, and they're almost as good as the ones I grew up eating as a child.

    Try compost tea for those interested in organic gardening. Worm Gold Plus is a great brand for mixing your brew! (You can also add HB-101 as a foliage spray).

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    Organic Food is Bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post

    Organic Food is Bullshit.

    I love that episode. They have one about GM foods as well (criticizing those who are against it), but it's not on YouTube anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedruM View Post
    Isn't that already happening with Monsanto?
    Yes, obviously. But the technology is only in its infancy really.

    Anyway that's what i see as the issue. If GM ever becomes really big worldwide then presumably there will have to be some kind of treaty to prevent this problem.

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