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    Question Need help with string-thrusting.

    String-thrusting is a manly word for sewing, much like hydrator is a manly word for moisturizer.

    Anyway, I had a pair of jeans with a hole in the knees. I cut off the lower half with scissors to make shorts. Seemed wasteful to just throw them away Only, I realized I need a hem to stop the part the part of the fabric that was cut from fraying.

    I'm trying to string-thrust the hem, manually.

    The bit I need help with is at the end. What are good ways for securing the thread so it can't just be ripped out? I've improvised stuff with tying knots, but I can't help but feel that it's woefully inadequate. It certainly looks sloppy, and I have no clue how durable it is.
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    I can't help you. I never had the patience to learn this. But oh wow...I love how you worded this 'thread'.

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    Well according to string theory, there is no thrust. There's vibration, and the way it vibrates determines what it manifests as. We're each part of the amazing music!

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