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Thread: Plus-sized women's clothing lines that Don't Suck??

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    Default Plus-sized women's clothing lines that Don't Suck??

    My mother is going to change sizes frequently.. she's on and off medication that messes with her thyroid, and her weight changes a lot as a result. We're trying to put together a more minimalist wardrobe for her. She has a ton of clothes she can sometimes fit into, and other times can't.

    I was thinking Linen and drawstrings are a natural choice because of the flowy nature and more customized sizes to adjust, but I can't seem to find a happy medium between plus-sized clothing and neutral, decent tones. I want a few high quality pieces for her to wear over and over again instead of a closet full of crap.

    But I can't seem to find any lines with a happy medium. I was ALMOST excited about Flax, but they hardly have anything in 'generous' sizing. Torrid is a bit too hipster for someone in their mid-50s, and I am NOT sticking her in grandma clothes.

    She's always either comfortable, or looking good--never both. Anyone think of any decent clothing lines that would suit for this sort of situation? I'm not a fashion-guru so I'm not sure where to even start..
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    Default is a plus-sized website that has an affordable mix of old lady stuff & trendy stuff. There is also a growing trend in retail for a sub category called "juniors plus" which is also trendier stuff for larger ladies. Perhaps putting that into a search engine could link you to some stores or websites!For awhile after I popped out my second kid, I had to find some cute plus sized stuff to wear. I hope this helps.
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