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Thread: Dealing with the cold

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    Default Dealing with the cold

    Any ideas for dealing with the cold weather?

    I got some thermal socks this week and I'd always have thought the idea was a gimic and its turned out they are amazing and worth the extra cost.

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    Eat more
    Exercise more (anaerobic - raises body temperature for 24h)
    Turn on the heater
    Spend more time in bed
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    It certainly pays off to have a decent winter coat/jacket which should be also a bit longer than normal jackets. Those standard winter jackets that most people here wear help far less imho. And also not being hesitant to take some gloves (usually it is my hands which are frozen first) and maybe a winter cap.

    I have no secret tips however It is just a matter of not being hesitant to take some proper winter clothes. Some people somehow still manage to walk around in winter like I sometimes walk around in summer.

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    i read somewhere yesterday: "you don't catch a flu, you eat it."

    throwing in vitamin C might help (it gives me sleepleness, should not be mixed with fat or empty stomach) but it's not as powerfull as eating a nutrient dense (fatty) diet with huge portions of vegetables. how about 2 herrings, 125 g of macademia nuts, coconut fat & 750g asian wok mix vegs. coconut fat is said to kill bugs, btw. that's what i had today for breakfast (i just eat once a day right now, testing how that works for my metabolism, right now my metabolism is cooking!). thats 1700 kcal, 40 g carbs, 70g protein, 140 g fat. nothing evil can survive in this bomb of goodness. but eating too little carbs or too much protein can make vulnerable, in case it makes you acidic (dry mouth). body needs to be adapted.

    edit: i just noticed this thread isnt about the flu, but about cold weather.
    okay, but metabolism is still food related. as i said, i am cooking.

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    Try to stay in as much as possible because its colder outside. When you do go outside, put more clothing on than when you go outside in warm weather. Try to keep the room temperature cold as possible and keep yoir bedroom temperature cold as possible, but have a warm blanket, so that you get used to cold and it doesent feel like a big deal anymore.
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    super cute ISTp SiTe (imho) talking about zinc for colds

    Zinc for colds: finally proof that it works - YouTube

    his cuteness warms me up right away.
    (but i am still cooking from my breakfast, believe it or not. its 7.30 pm in germany)

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    @_@ don't remind me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Any ideas for dealing with the cold weather?

    I got some thermal socks this week and I'd always have thought the idea was a gimic and its turned out they are amazing and worth the extra cost.
    Socks are good! keeping your feet warm is a good way to keep your body warm. I usually wear hood sweaters so I can hood myself when I feel it. Scarfs are a pain in the butt but hats are good. Also shoes that don't allow water to leak through because of all that slush. I have heater right next to me in my basement since I'm always in there, oh yeah and adding an extra sheet to your bed.

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    it's the first year since my childhood that i am wearing a cap (chullo earflap beanie) and i love it. i wasn't aware of how much you freeze around the head, because it doesn't make you jitter, but it still makes you want to go home, while your body is warm. with my cap i feel like i would be comfortable to do intellectual work in the outdoors, which allways seemed unconceivable to me.

    as for socks and shoes. they must not be tight because that reduces blood flow. i would rather not wear thick socks, if my shoes didn't have enough space. shoes must never be too tight/narrow anyway, cause alongside cramped feet are a huge subtle stress on the whole body.

    i love cheap acryllic pullovers, next to fleece. they are so much more insulating than cotton pullovers, and not so heavy.

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    Head and hands covered
    Layers of clothes
    Good slippers/house shoes. I have UGG Dakota's.
    And these things. You can pick them up at any sporting good store or places like that. I've never tried the insoles but I'm sure they work well too.

    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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