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  • I have been skydiving before and I enjoyed it

    8 16.33%
  • I have been skydiving before and I did not enjoy it

    0 0%
  • I intend to go skydiving in the future

    15 30.61%
  • Maybe/Undecided

    13 26.53%
  • I have no plans to go skydiving in the future

    6 12.24%
  • I have a fear of jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes or have a fear of heights

    7 14.29%
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Thread: Skydiving (the poll version)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    It seemed like you were at least trying to be funny and friendly, but just pissed her off.
    Well that is true.


    Ps -

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    I have jumped from 14,000 feet three times. Two times with a man strapped to my back, once solo with the instructors nearby. One of my favorite ways to spend a lot of money for less than an hour of fun. I highly recommend skydiving to anyone and everyone that has the health and size to do it. The time under canopy and landing during my solo jump was incredible.

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    Hell, bring on the thrill! I love adventure and a little risk every now and then. What's life if you don't put yourself in danger every so often? (Not that I think sky-diving is the most dangerous thing ever.) I have never had the opportunity to go sky-diving, but it seems like it would be a blast. The adrenaline rush you get when doing something like's incomparable!

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    Sky Diving is statistically much safer than SCUBA diving. But if you don't own your own rig it is very expensive.

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    I've never skydived.. not for lack of desire though. I'm kind of embarassed to say that I haven't intitiated big adventures like this on my own. Not sure where to start. At best, I've jumped off cliffs. I really *really* want to go hang gliding more than skydiving though.

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