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Thread: Herbs, Spices and Condiments

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    I am glad this exists...
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    i love herbs, spices, condiments - they're like accessories for food. i have a whole cupboard devoted to them.

    some of my most appreciated:

    hoisin sauce (as a dipping sauce or to marinate)
    cardamom (curries, sweet dishes)
    fresh mint (cocktails, salads)
    fresh coriander (thai/indian)
    freshly grated nutmeg (add to banana smoothies, coffee, sweets, cannelloni)
    star anise (curries, chinese poached chicken etc)
    smoked paprika (lovely in slow cooked stews etc)
    american mustard (the bright yellow, mild stuff - i love this)
    garam masala (building block for indian curries)
    apple cider vinegar (dress salads)

    my chef friend taught me the best way to store fresh herbs once they're cut is in the fridge wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel - keeps them fresh longer.

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    I can't even begin to list them. Fresh herbs like basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary. Different sorts of mint like spearmint, lemon mint and peppermint, all of which I grow year around. Spices like cardamon and cumin, fresh garlic, grainy mustard, ginger root, chili powder, hot cinnamon. The spice mixes from Penzey's Spice like Sandwich Sprinkle, Fox Point seasonings and Mural of Favor. Anyone not familiar with Penzey's, check out their website and if you have a store nearby, go. There's supermarket spices and then there's Penzeys. I love condiments and try out as many as possible. There's no need to eat anything bland when there are so many good tastes available.
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    garlic!! ginger, and onions are all heavily used for flavouring (not at once)

    Basil, oregano and thyme is one good combination. I rarely use them alone.
    rosemary is awesome on potatoes and sweet potatoes
    cumin I use a lot of
    cinnamon adds a neat flavour to red meat stew-type dishes (chili, spag sauce, etc)
    dill for fish or some vegetable dishes (mmm asparagus)
    I use a mix, montreal chicken spice, almost every time I bbq chicken, cause it's totally awesomely delicious.
    soy sauce for stirfries and seasoning meat

    I use kosher salt always instead of table salt, I don't know if it actually tastes different - i think so- but I much prefer the texture.

    I tend to use dried spices for convenience and because the fresh ones are a fortune - like 2-3$ for a sprig! Someday I'll get around to planting an herb garden. I've tried basil numerous years but always kill it
    -end of thread-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    I tend to use dried spices for convenience and because the fresh ones are a fortune - like 2-3$ for a sprig! Someday I'll get around to planting an herb garden. I've tried basil numerous years but always kill it
    Every time I buy fresh growing basil it dies within a couple of weeks. I suspect they do something to force grow it or keep it in unsuitable conditions before delivery to the supermarket, probably to stop you keeping one pot to last all year; other herbs tend to die off too, even when kept in optimum conditions, but basil is the quickest to go - and the most annoying, given how useful it is to have some around. I keep meaning to try growing some from seed, which apparently is quite easy - other people seem to get good results that way in any case!

    Anyway, Rosemary + Thyme + Lemon (or something lemon flavoured, like lemongrass) + Chicken == gastronomic heaven!
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    chipotle ranch and tater tots OMG!!!!

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    Chipotle chile powder,
    ancho chile powder
    habanero sauce

    Sofrito. Recaito. Achiote oil. Golden garlic oil.
    A must for paella!


    Tellicherry peppercorns
    Pink peppercorns
    Sumac berries
    Ground jalepeno
    smoked paprika
    saffron (rarely)
    garam masala blends (Penzey's is good)

    Fresh ginger in stir-fry, teas...I make my own ginger syrup and candied ginger.

    Celery seed. A must for potato soup.
    Bay leaves
    miso paste
    oyster sauce (Lee Kum Kee is the best but not GF! )

    Oh, let me stop here...I'll be here all night going through the cabinets naming stuff one by one.

    I love to cook.

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    I use a lot of of things that have already been mentioned in this thread but one of my current obsessions is Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. The one I use is made locally and normally I can not stand artificial lemon flavorings, because they don't taste fresh or they taste too much like the zest of a lemon only, but this one has a subtle yet distinctly fresh meyer lemon flavor but without the tartness of real lemon juice. I don't know how they manage it. it makes things taste omg sooo good.

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    My favorites are nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger (fresh), mint (fresh), cilantro and cumin.

    About a year ago I bought a mortar and pestle to grind fresh spices with, and OMG it makes all the difference. I also have a nutmeg grater which I love - SO much better than pre-ground nutmeg!

    I've also become interested in more "unusual" (for the American palate!) herbs and spices. One of these days I need to get my arse to an Asian or African grocery store and pick up some things to try: galangal, ajowan, cubeb, mace, tamarind, kaffir lime... I also really want to try making some loomi... I need to do it before summer ends, though!! This thread has inspired me-- maybe I'll pick up some limes after work today...
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