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Thread: Geoff's Pictures : Christmas in Spain, and a Happy New Year from the Ducks

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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    Negative. Hmm.

    Was wondering - were they swimming alone? They're meant to be in pairs, a symbol of conjugal bliss. . . but you've split them up??!
    Hold on... duck number 1 is trying to make friends with any duck that'll come near it. Thus the "come and get me!" quacking beak.

    The 2nd and third picture are the same duck, showing off!

    Any one of them would be delicious with pancakes and hoisin sauce, though


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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    Any one of them would be delicious with pancakes and hoisin sauce, though

    Duck number one already has a mate; the one in upper left that you can only see the back of is the female Wood Duck; she's coasting along with him. And actually I have a different interpretation of the open beak. I think he's squawking at your taking a picture of him and infringing on his alone time with the missus.

    Gorgeous shots. You have a great camera (and need I mention you're also a talented photographer? Bird shots are challenging). Esp. shot #3 -- you can see the individual feathers, which is pretty cool. And an action shot no less. Very nice job!
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    I'll put my vote in for ducks with HP sauce.

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