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Thread: Lacto-Fermentation: Good for the gut, good for the butt

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    Chafed undercarriage due to overly acidic effluence? Not on my watch says Mr. Sauerkraut.

    Oddly, this reminds me of that avatar you had of what appeared to be a thoroughly satisfied obese vampire.

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    A thoroughly satisfied obese vampire?

    I don't even.......

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    I appreciate this title. You guys know how at the supermarket they label vegetable blends things like "antioxidant blend" or "colon health"? My dad's a physician so our family has always been pretty open about bodily functions, and we've taken to calling them "bowel movement blend" and "butt blend" and such.

    On topic, I know it's good for you, but I have a hard time getting around some of these. I like some yogurts and a few fermented veggies, like pickled cabbage. I just cannot do kefir for the life of me. The best thing I have found is those tiny Korean yogurts, which are sugary but much more palatable to me.

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