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Thread: Survival food

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    A year ago I got it in my head to try and eat nothing but survival rations from a bucket.

    Costco - Food For Health™ Emergency Food Kit

    Well, it certainly didn't last long. A "meal" only provided about 100 calories and 50% of my sodium.

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    I'm stocking up on seeds. I'd be fine just eating wild foods, but having a large stock of seed is still good, even if you don't plant them. they keep for years and are high in nutritious nutrients for your nutritional needs.
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    Supposedly sardines are the shit. I remember I used to eat them a lot when I lived with my grandmother. They're good.

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    The tuna, salmon, and chicken which comes in the foil packets usually keeps for a long time--check expiration date when you buy it. I always take at least one of these backpacking. The sweet and spicy flavored tuna makes great pita pockets which taste like sloppy joes.

    I assume you have a stock of water too?

    Don't forget the iodine tablets, since an apocalyptic event is likely to involve large-scale use of nuclear weapons.

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    OMG, now I know for sure I am starvin' because this thread is making me hungry.
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