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Thread: Family Rib Recipe

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    Default Family Rib Recipe

    Serves 6-8

    2 tbs (30mL) minced garlic
    1 cup (250mL) brown sugar
    1 cup (250mL) creole mustard or spicy brown mustard
    cup (185mL) horseradish
    1 cup (250mL) yellow mustard or Dijon mustard

    cup (65mL) white wine
    Combine all above ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. Mix well.

    (185mL) cup salt
    6 tbs (90mL) granulated garlic
    6 tbs (90mL) black pepper
    cup (65mL) cayenne pepper
    2 tbs (30mL) cumin
    Combine and mix above ingredients. Store in shaker or jar or Tupperware, etc. Keep away from moisture. Makes enough for around 6-8 batches.

    8 pounds (3.5 to 4kg) of pork spare ribs or baby-back ribs.


    Preheat oven(s) to 250 degrees Fahrenheit or 120 degrees Celsius.

    Rinse ribs and pat dry. Sprinkle with the meat seasoning on both sides to taste. Place ribs in a large shallow baking pan (no more than a 1 or 1-1/2 inch or 3-4cm side). You may need 2 large pans or cookie sheet pans (pans must have a side). Spoon and spread the sauce on both sides of the ribs starting with the bone side and finishing with the meat side. Bake in the oven, meat-side up, for 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Remove from oven and place ribs on the grill meat side down (indirect medium heat) . Coat the bone side with a layer of honey and let cook for 5 minutes. Turn ribs over so meat-side is up and coat meat-side with a layer of honey. Cook for 15 minutes. Remove from grill, cut, and serve.

    Here is a very tasty family recipe for ribs. Suggestions, feedback, opinions are all welcome.

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    Yum, sounds good. I will try it for I loves my ribs.
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