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Thread: Iced Tea?

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    ideally, make "sun tea": setting a pitcher of room temperature water and teabags outside in the summer sun to brew all day..

    but definitely start hot..

    my best friend's mother used to add mint from her garden to her tea, but i don't know how long she waited for it to cool down, though. lemon is good, cardamom and honey.. play around!
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    I prefer Luzianne tea. I've been making tea for years now, and it's the best brand I've found. It comes in long, yellow rectangular boxes of about 32 tea bags I believe (the tea bags are larger than normal tea bags that you use for a cup of hot tea).

    For a gallon of tea:

    Boil a medium pot of water (make sure it boils, as this will kill microorganisms in the water and help the tea last longer) and then turn the heat off (boiling can also be done in the microwave in a large glass measuring cup).

    Remove the water from the heat and immediately add 4 tea bags (2 for half a gallon) and let this steep in the pot for about 10-15 minutes.

    Pour the tea into a pitcher (at this point the tea will be very concentrated and bitter, but you'll dilute it with water later), and add sugar to the desired sweetness. Typical sweet tea has about 1-1.5 cups of sugar per gallon (I usually do something closer to 1 cup, and this is a very optimal amount of sweetness, imo). Make sure you add the sugar while the tea is still hot, otherwise it won't dissolve so well.

    Dilute the tea to one gallon by adding ice cubes and/or water. Using ice cubes as a dilutant will help to cool off the hot tea, making it ready to drink sooner. Make sure you dilute AFTER adding the sugar, as the sugar best dissolves when the tea is still hot (before diluting).

    Serve on ice and keep refrigerated.

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