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Thread: Kyuuei's Cook book!

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    Osuimono - Clear broth soup that's super cheap, easy, hydrating, and what I ate for dinner along with some zucchini meatballs and sauce.

    4-6 cups of water
    1 piece kombu (if you cannot find this, it's easily ordered online. Don't wash off that white stuff on it, that's part of the magic.)
    A drizzling each of Mirin, Soy sauce, dashi, and sake if you have it.. I don't, so just a bit of salt and couple drops of lemon for me.
    Decorate it how you like... dried shiitake mushrooms, or dried wakame seaweed, dried green onion, etc.

    Basically let the kombu sit in the water for an hour or so, then bring it to a boil. Turn the heat off, and add the drizzles of things. Then add in the decor, and let it rehydrate. When ready to eat, turn the heat back up again, or eat it lukewarm after it's cooled if it's hot out.
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    Even though they are a bit time consuming, agua frescas are so good, I keep looking for new ones to make with all the fruit in season.

    Aguas Frescas

    Pineapple Ginger is my favorite.
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