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Thread: Male Homemakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lookin4theBestNU View Post
    I don't mind at all and almost any job is better than staying at home.
    I don't think professional day traders share your opinion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by slant View Post
    I personally do not believe in gender roles.

    The complaints are not 'I believe people who are in possesion of breasts an a vagina should take care of a child and a person in possesion of a penis should work', it is an arguement of societal beliefs.
    Quote Originally Posted by mattness View Post
    looking down on stay at home dads is just ignorant. raising kids is fucking hard work. my bro has three & he's permanently tired. manly to me just means taking care of business making sure your kids & girl are good
    Hear, hear.

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