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Thread: Growing Hops For Brewing And Grapes for Wine

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    Default Growing Hops For Brewing And Grapes for Wine

    So, I have my rhizomes planted for the initial starter season to establish their root systems. I picked cascade because from what I gathered, they were the best suited for So Cal weather. I dug about a foot deep hole, finding a clay bottom, adding three layers of sifted-dirt, compost, and fertilizer. I took two cheap metal shovels, scraped off paint and rust, drilled holes in them, and painted them brown to use as stakes for the hops' vines. I strung them up to a overlay from the roof. It looks good.

    I'm still in search of some concord bare roots to buy, but the only online place I found is out of stock. I can pick up some thompson seedless grapes at Lowe's for 19.95, but they just aren't for me. If anyone things yellow grapes are worth the effort, please let me know. I still have to till the rest of my garden to plant everything else.

    Anyone else out there growing stuff?

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    I help my mom make wine out of the blackberries that grow wild all over the countryside where my parents live. We've also made dandelion wine, apple cider and cherry wine out of things growing on their land. The cherry wine was hideous but the rest was good, especially the cider.

    I admire anyone willing to put in the hard work of starting from scratch to make wine. It's an arduous process. Also, I'm lazy.
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    That's all kinds of awesome. I envy you and your family for such endeavors. I feel like life is about exploring experiences and growing my own food, making my own drink, and mixing it all up is what the hokey pokey is all about.

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