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Thread: Raw Vegetables?

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    Default Raw Vegetables?

    I want to add more veggies to my diet but I live in a shitty dorm and can't really cook. What veggies do you eat raw and what don't you? Why? Do you have any raw veggie recipes? Share please
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    I eat raw tomatoes, but those are actually a fruit. Raw lettuce, spinach, and celery aren't and, and I just put lettuce on a sand witch.

    Raw carrots aren't bad either.
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    Most. If you have a Trader Joe's or something near by, they carry one of my favorites. A bowl of raw chopped veggies. Nothing else. Super convenient. If you don't have a TJ's, get a bowl with a tight lid and chop these up - they keep several days.

    I also like a pasta salad with extra raw veggies added - greens in particular. Some spinach, arugula, red or green lettuce.... Now that it's summer, you can eat nearly anything raw or lightly cooked. If you have a grill or access to one, you can make stuff like corn, eggplant, squashes,'s endless.
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    I don't know if you have access to a dorm fridge or some kind of fridge in your dorm's common area, but you might like to buy a few ingredients to make salads as well as veggie dips... Thing is, vegetables often need to be kept refrigerated.

    Fridge issues aside, you can buy a bag of off-brand lettuce for as little as $3.50 which would probably last you an entire week (I recommend dark green lettuce as it has more nutrients - like romaine or butter leaf). Depends on what supermarket you visit, too... the store brand is always cheapest. I love making salads with chopped fruits and nuts, like walnuts and strawberries. I buy dried cranberries and avocados and just mix those together with a handful of strawberries and walnuts, then generously drizzle olive oil, lemon juice, or an organic dressing on the whole salad. If I want a more zesty salad, I ditch the fruit and make the salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, banana peppers and feta. I haven't had it in a while, but I love Annie's Goddess dressing and also just plain old olive oil.

    I make dips sometimes when the mood strikes me. My favorite is a very short and simple Avocado dip recipe, which I learned from a lady I worked with when I was at the restaurant. You just mash some peeled avocado in a little bowl with a fork. To that, add some mayo - about 1/2 the amount of the avocado. Add a splash of lemon juice and salt to taste. Make sure it's blended well and is a creamy consistency.

    I also mix sour cream with minced cucumbers and red onion, and season with salt and parsley as a sort of tzatziki dip.

    I'm also into eating Kimchi (picked cabbage). When I can get my hands on it, I go through an entire jar in a week, because it has that sour taste I love in addition to lots of vitamins and healthy bacteria essential to digestion (I have a bit of a sensitive stomach).
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    All vegetables are delicious in french onion dip.
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    For raw vegetables, I love avocados, peppers, carrots, and cucumber. I'm not entirely sure why ... I think I enjoy the flavor and they contain enough water that I don't need to dip them in anything.

    I'm not a fan of anything else plain, due to flavor or texture.

    If you have a fridge, you can make a great salad with corn, beans, shredded cheese, peas, peppers, tomatoes, and green onion on either a spinach, lettuce, or cabbage (or perhaps a mix of 2 or all 3) base with ranch dressing. I make my own ranch dressing by filling a container about 1/2 of the way with plain yogurt, 1/4 of the way with mayonnaise, and then adding salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon juice, and dill to taste, and milk to your preferred consistency (if a veggie dip then you'll want a thicker consistency, and if a salad dressing you'll want a much thinner consistency).

    Another good salad that would not require a fridge is chopped up apple or pear with a spinach base, walnuts (or any kind of nut honestly), craisins, and then for dressing equal parts balsamic (or apple cider vinegar) and olive oil, along with maple syrup to taste. I also like to sprinkle chia seeds on top.
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    For a change, try jicama in a salad. Not only can you eat it raw, it also doesn't require refrigeration. But you have to be careful and select for age since it can get too fibrous, although a lot of people don't appear to care. The skin on the younger bulbs is smooth and less dry in appearance.

    Old jicama:

    Younger jicama, especially the one at the bottom. You can find even younger than this with smoother skin:

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    Carrots! I ate carrots and hummus all the time in college when I was feeling veggie deprived. I just kept it in my little mini fridge. Jicama and cucumber are also good options.
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    Canned veggies are always great; they can be kept longer and they're pre-cooked.

    - carrots
    - onions (any)
    - bell peppers
    - celery
    - radish
    - cucumber
    - salad green (any)
    - tomatoes
    - i've seen people add mushrooms to salad uncooked ...

    Though honestly all my friends who had the opportunity to live in dorms (...overcrowded ass state; i traveled one plus hours to uni every day each way) were like ... ... subsisting on cup noodles and mac donald's.
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    Spinach/lettuce/other leafy vegetables.

    Snap/snow peas.
    Cherry tomatoes.
    I often eat mushrooms uncooked, too.
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