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Thread: Any Experience Freezing Lotion?

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    Default Any Experience Freezing Lotion?

    The body lotion/cream I like is on sale, was thinking of buying a couple and freezing the extras, but wasn't sure if that would cause the lotion to break down, like physically separate, or if it would break down any of the components or anything...

    Has anyone ever tried that?
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    If the lotion is an emulsion, freezing it has the chance of causing it's constituents to separate and not be able to return back to its original form. I suspect though that (if it's water content is low) that it will solidify at a lower temperature than one would expect.

    If you're curious, take a small sample and see what happens.
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    Yeah, that is a good idea. I would want to know before I buy a ton of it though...
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    Refrigerating it will help it last a lot longer, prevents the oils from going rancid, which is the main reason why lotions spoil and are a bad idea to buy in bulk. Maybe buy one extra, leave it in the fridge.

    Just don't mistake it for salad dressing
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    Hm ok thanks. I'll prob just get the one. Fridge space is valuable!
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    The fridge will help. Bonus: if you're particularly hot that day, you can always rub some cold lotion on your arms
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