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View Poll Results: Why do you put so much effort into your appearance

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  • You want to attract members of the opposite sex

    12 22.64%
  • Social prestige/ you want to be socially popular

    5 9.43%
  • For health reasons

    16 30.19%
  • Because you work a job that requires you to

    1 1.89%
  • I just work out because I enjoy playing sports

    4 7.55%
  • Other

    15 28.30%
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Thread: Do you work out/devote a lot of time to your appearance? If so, why?

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    ^wHY Is thERe nO oPtion named: "I'm too awesome to need effort" ??!11oneoeneleven
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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyrinahasCupquake View Post
    Why is there no option that is named "I don't care what others think, only my family and close friends matter and they shouldn't care what I look like"?
    You could always pick "other". Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    You could always pick "other". Just a thought.
    "Other" is very... how do I say it, it makes me feel like I shoul have some other unmentioned reason for wanting to be fit and healthy and so on
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winds of Thor View Post
    That's not pathetic. You trying to cut him down is pathetic. Why are you compelled to do that should be your bigger concern.
    I guess because I was in a bad mood?
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    Other: 1) Mood benefits, 2) Improves my relationship with my body 3) Habit, 4) Identity
    I realise that some of these may fall under some of of the other listed reasons, particularly "health reasons", but I felt the "other" category was the better fit here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddy View Post
    Other: 1) Mood benefits, 2) Improves my relationship with my body 3) Habit, 5) Identity
    I realise that some of these may fall under some of of the other listed reasons, particularly "health reasons", but I felt the "other" category was the better fit here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solipsists View Post
    Anaerobic to deal with stress and improve my self-image and cognition.
    Pretty much this.

    I definitely started out from a purely vain POV (not that there's anything wrong with that, unless you let it go to your head). I wanted manly pectoral muscles to attract ladeez. It worked.

    Now, I've been pretty comfortable with my body the last 5 years, so I mostly do it for a stress buster, feel good chemicals, relaxed state afterward, and a clear, grounded head.
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    Haven't been good to myself for a while owing to stupid levels of fatigue from shift work, time zone changes and the inability to be awake when supermarkets are open. Just started up daily Yoga again, not for any reason other than I like it and I feel better but if health happens too then that's cool.

    Couldn't give a fuck whether or not I am attractive to the opposite sex to be perfectly honest, thats what 20's women waste their time doing. So saying that my job requires high levels of grooming which is why I take every opportunity to spend a day without tedious levels of makeup application and hair coiffing.

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    I answered "health" because that's my primary reason for exercising. I have a congenital heart arrhythmia. And walking is totally exercise @Noll! It's good stuff. Even just strolling is good. I have a Withings Pulse (kind of like a Fitbit) that I wear every day, and I am trying to ramp up to where I take 10K steps a day, with about 20-30 minutes of it brisk walking. I'm consistently getting 6K or more, but I rarely hit 10K. I also try to do something active every weekend with my family (hiking, Frisbee, biking, bocce, swimming, whatever we all feel like doing).

    Even though health is my top reason for exercising I also do it for mood elevation, to promote good sleep, to manage my weight (along with watching how much I eat but still making sure I get enough) and so on. Although, I guess all that stuff is related to health.

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    Default Exercise and the Libido

    Exercise increases the libido.

    So I don't exercise to be sexually attractive, I exercise to feel my own sexuality more and more deeply, then I share it with others.
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