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  • You want to attract members of the opposite sex

    12 22.64%
  • Social prestige/ you want to be socially popular

    5 9.43%
  • For health reasons

    16 30.19%
  • Because you work a job that requires you to

    1 1.89%
  • I just work out because I enjoy playing sports

    4 7.55%
  • Other

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Thread: Do you work out/devote a lot of time to your appearance? If so, why?

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    I never exercise but I take long walks daily. I care greatly for my hair, skin and teeth. That's it and I'm not particularly good-looking, though people have told me otherwise I might say. I think I'm far too skinny to be generally attractive, my BMI is 16-something. But I've been thinking of starting lifting weights, but I do not wish to be supermuscly. I just imagine it making my posture better, which I want. I find skinny guys the most attractive.

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    i'm not very athletic by nature. i do yoga, but have fallen out of it recently. no matter what, if i'm physically sedentary for too long, i get the itch to move. it feels good to be active and moving, to have natural energy and feel strong.

    i care about my appearance, but spend a very minimal amount of time on it. i like picking out clothes that i feel good in, but in general i'm pretty lax with that kinda stuff. the fewer regimens, the better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    I exercise for good health. Men have been sexually attracted to me even when I was more voluptuous. I have the sort of figure where a certain kind of man likes my body even when I am less thin. I suppose I am lucky in that regard, but frankly I would rather decrease a bra size or two for better health and mobility. I am outdoorsy, do yoga, and walk a lot, and used to dance, so having extra weight actually simply doesn't feel as good to me. I feel freer when I am leaner. So I have reached the point in life where my weight is more about health, for sure. I have always been active by nature though because of my disposition, since childhood, except for periods of depression.

    I have taken care of my looks also to make money and attract the opposite sex.

    I am not super high maintenance though. I don't have time for that bullshit.
    I'm curious as to what you look like now. Do have a picture?

    Quote Originally Posted by FLD View Post
    I work out and put effort into my appearance and social skills in order to score high on the pecking order.

    That doesn't mean that I want to be popular or pick up women. I'm an introvert and like my time alone. But when I do get out and socialize, I want to hang with the alpha dogs rather than the folks at the bottom of the pecking order.

    I suspect a lot of INFPs tend to score low on the pecking order by default and/or hang with the outcasts. I did that as a youngster; I took pride in being odd man out or feigning indifference to social conventions. But eventually I noticed that I didn't really respect the caliber of people I was hanging out with. So I tried pushing back at people higher up the pecking order and working my way up the ladder a bit. And I liked the result.

    Nowadays I enjoy interacting with the alpha dogs in any social group. It means standing your ground and having confidence that you're up to it, IOW, that you look good, have comebacks for whatever they throw at you, etc. I know some people will ridicule this line of thinking. But having experienced both ends of the pecking order, I definitely like the top ranks: The stakes are higher, the people are more interesting, the interactions quicker, etc.

    So for purposes of the poll I checked "Social prestige/ you want to be socially popular." I don't necessarily want to be popular, but I want the ego gratification and social enjoyment of being one of the alpha dogs when I interact with people.
    So you do it just for 3ish reasons then? You do it just to be higher up on the social food chain?

    Quote Originally Posted by solipsists View Post
    Anaerobic to deal with stress and improve my self-image and cognition.
    Yeah that's true. Working out, definitely helps to handle stress.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    Work out?Hell no!(haha that Se stereotype is a bunch of bull crap)

    I do the unhealthy thing and starve/binge in order to keep myself at my ideal weight because I am far too lazy to exercise but I care about my appearance.
    It'll probably be bad for me in the long run in some way I suppose, but it works for me right now and I'll deal with the consequences when I'm old.
    I do so in order to attract a mate above all and partly because I want to appear beautiful/aesthetically admirable to others.
    Hey well at least you're honest. lol, do you purge too? I hope not.

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    I don't really spend that much time working out/exercise etc mostly because I don't really need to since I have a naturally well-built, tall, athletic/masculine-looking, fairly muscular body structure even if I don't exercise...I naturally produce a lot of testosterone even without excercise...

    Plus I'm usually too busy with my money-making activities to go around hitting the gym...when I do hit the gym it's mostly for entertainment purposes rather than trying to tone my already naturally well-toned body....

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    I don't think I devote an excessive amount of time, but I do yoga/pilates regularly & try to eat healthy, and I'm more than willing to spend money on stuff like my hair & pedicures. I put a lot of effort into keeping my skin clear too (because it requires a lot of effort).

    For me, it's really about maintaining a "canvas". I want to be able to wear the clothes I want, which is a great variety of styles. Being thin & in-shape more easily allows for that. Since it's my natural body type, it's not too difficult to maintain. My motivation here is more of creative self-expression and plain ol' fun. I enjoy fashion & makeup & don't want to be limited because I "let myself go". Of course, I like to feel attractive, but it's not my main motivation, or else I'd probably be less arty/boho/experimental in my style.
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    I've changed my diet and it really works. Not only am I feeling energetic, but my skin is also clearing up.

    I go for walks, maybe lift when I feel motivated, but I don't really care about being healthy.

    Yep, my motivations are just to attract the opposite sex.

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    I work out every day, I read book by book, solve equation by equation and invent inventions by inventions. And I do it all for the opposite sex ! Success ? Cant tell... Workout is a lie !
    Johari / Nohari

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    Just coming back from an injury for almost 2 months with rehab and GOD it feels awesome to not have to hold back...

    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    I watch my calorie intake and alternate between cardio and abs workouts. I don't go to a gym anymore, it freaked me out having other guys stare at my body while i was working out. I do exercises at home now and jog, which is fine, as long as you have the discipline.

    Part of the reason I'm doing it is to prevent my depression from getting worse, and burn off the stress I get from my work. I also find getting out into quiet, attractive environments gives me ideas for composition. But I have to admit that most of this is about trying to appear more attractive to women. You can't expect to get hot girls if you aren't attractive yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLD View Post
    I work out and put effort into my appearance and social skills in order to score high on the pecking order.

    That doesn't mean that I want to be popular or pick up women. I'm an introvert and like my time alone. But when I do get out and socialize, I want to hang with the alpha dogs rather than the folks at the bottom of the pecking order.

    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    Lmao. That's pathetic.

    Anyway, I work out because I enjoy the rush of endorphines and I enjoy feeling strong, being able to lift heavy stuff, having the endurance required to climb a mountain, and so on.
    That's not pathetic. You trying to cut him down is pathetic. Why are you compelled to do that should be your bigger concern.
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