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Thread: Why would this be happening to me

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    Hmm, a couple times a year I've woken up with chest pain, mostly on instances where I have a lot of anxiety. I've been thinking maybe I should get it checked out by a doctor, maybe you should too.

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    A slow heartbeat is called bradycardia. That kind of thing happens to me if I am exposed to particular chemicals. If you are eating a particular food each night before bed when this happens, or using a particular hair product - shampoo or conditioner or something - that could trigger it. I would get sleep apnea and bradycardia when I would put conditioner on my hair at bedtime and go to bed with my hair still wet. The chemicals in the hair conditioner go through your skin. Sleep apnea can be caused by eating foods that contain sulfate or sulfite, chemical preservatives. I don't remember if sulfur in foods causes bradycardia, but I know from my own experience that chemicals in hair products do.

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