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Thread: Battling the Concentration Hunch

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    Default Battling the Concentration Hunch

    So you are concentrating on some important project, or whatever, scrunched up like a hunchback for hours, staring into the computer screen or hovering over books, heavily focused, not even realizing that just about every possible conceivable muscle fiber in your shoulders and neck region is gripping like a vice for dear life, until finally you say, "OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT???? Is my back about to fall off??? Is someone stabbing me in the neck????" And then you realize, "No, I just contorted myself into some weird, unnatural position."

    My question is: Does anyone have any strategies to:

    - Avoid unconsciously getting into that position in the first place, OR
    - Getting your muscles to stop screaming afterwards????


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    What "they" say is for you to take breaks at regular intervals. So perhaps this would involve setting an alarm to ping you every 40 minutes or so, during which time you'd get up and walk around, or do some stretches. If you're like me, though, you'll ignore it and eventually disable it.

    So as to what to do after -- a brisk walk, swinging your arms, will usually help your back. Also if you have a bar you can hang from for a second. Tiger Balm. Heating pad. Hot shower massage. Maybe a nap.

    Hope you feel better!

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