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Thread: Paleo-diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    I don't understanding people doing gluten-free if they haven't tested gluten intolerant, sensitive or have Celiac disease. That diet sucks balls, unless you need it to be pain and inflammation free to keep the gut healed. I've had several paleo frozen entries though - they're quite good when you need something fast.
    I've never been tested for gluten intolerance but I'm currently doing a round of Whole 30, a paleoish elimination diet. At the end of the 30 days you slowly reintroduce foods to see how you feel eating them. I already know I'm sensitive to dairy, and if it turns out I"m sensitive to wheat to I'll probably eat loosely gluten free afterwards. There's really not a great way to test for food sensitivities, meaning it's not an actual allergy but it just makes you feel like crap.
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    Its great to see a lot of the older users around today
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    With a diet you do, I would always do it not to strict. If you want to loose pounds, the most important thing is only to eat under your daily calories limit, like 200-300 kcal less. If you are obesly overweight, you will automatically eat almost 2000 and more less, if you do that.

    All unprocessed food, what is basically paleo is good for you. But its not important to never eat pizza again. Its only always important to keep your sugar intake in check. In Germany we have a very old bakery tradition and people eat like tons of crap baked goods all day. Many of them suffer from diabetes later. I basically untrained that habit in my regards. I quit eating sweets and quit drinking sweets and after a few months, my cravings for it seized to exist. Its like an addiction the body has to get out of.

    Now if you eat a steak, potatoes, some vegetables, your cereals in the morning and some fruits with quark in the evening, you live the healthy life. A burger or pizza a week wont kill you. The problem with fast food at all, is only bad fats that are produced while its being made in unhealthy kitchens. And that your food becomes to one-sided, lacking minerals and vitamines.

    I dieted that way from 286 lbs to 209 lbs right now, in about a year, 5"10. Have a pretty good fat free mass index now at around 24, still some pretty resilient fat handles left covering the muscles. I am a bit fucked in that regards, if I would even eat lesser, I'ld need to train a lot to keep muscle mass, but on low food I lack ambition plus I lack time due to the job. So I eat pretty much and train 1-2 times a week. That way I kept the 209 constant for two years. 194 lbs would be my dream goal

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    My personal preference in men is fit with a little layer of fat over top. I don't mind a small belly or love handles one bit, but he has to let me grab it all.

    I digress.

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