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Thread: Ultimate shaving thread

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    Curently: Mach3.
    Shaving cream: whatever I have in the cupboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    For all things shaving.

    What would your ideal shaving set or case contain and were you able to purchase it or did you build it up over time?
    I'm not particularly... particular. I have a Mach 3 with spare blades, shaving gel, an electric beard trimmer, tweezers, and a fine trimmer (for nose, etc), brush, um... Oh crap, I am particular... I guess it built up over time.

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    Safety razor, dry, never against the grain, with liberal application of 50% isopropyl alcohol and pat dry afterwards. Before anyone says anything, I use alcohol because I have oily skin and I'm prone to acne breakouts so it needs to be dry.

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    Still working on it.

    Currently what I have and will never give up:
    - Bay rum shaving bar. Solid shaving soap bar beats those stupid expensive gels any day of the week. No brush, I just spread it on with my hands.

    - Personal trimmer. They're cheap and burn out easily, so I have to keep replacing them, but they're so useful for odd situations.

    - Baby oil. It's sooo much more soothing for everything than lotions for after shaving.

    What I'm trying to find good substitutes for:
    - Venus embrace. I use this razor currently and have not found one better for shaving my legs, but the shave irritates my skin after a day or two. Every. Time.
    - Electric razor. I'm currently testing the Norelco 2D wet/dry one right now.. if it works well enough it may be an answer to my inability to shave with a Venus everyday and i can just switch constantly between the two. i'm still scared to DEATH of using it on my underarms after a horrible electric-razor-catastrophe last year, though..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post

    Watching a man shave his face (especially in nothing but a towel) has to be one of the sexiest things in the world to witness.
    Even if it's crazy early in the morning and I'm still in bed, my husband will open the bathroom door because he knows I will wake up to watch. So sexy.

    Anyway, he has a heavy beard and acne scarring on his chin and around his mouth. He likes that Schick Quatro Titanium razor. He uses Nivea shaving products, he says they prevent bumps and cuts better than other brands.
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