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Thread: 8 Colors of Fitness

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    I read them all. I'd say somewhere between White and Saffron Efficient

    I don't really follow a strict routine, and I manage to stay in good shape.

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    Silver = ENXF?

    I got Silver and it was surprisingly spot on! Uncanny. I do try to stay active but I'm all about 'keep it simple' and it was interesting how it connected the Ne/ENFP 'flow' with a dislike of too much preparation and the love of variety and exploration with excercise.

    I dislike equipment heavy activities like scuba diving or lugging around too much stuff. I want to be able to roll in and out and be fresh and ready for the rest of the day 20 minutes after I'm done. Or something like that. If I have to carry around a bunch of crap or it takes a lot of preparation, I'm not going to do it.

    That's why I like Bikram yoga and indoor rock climbing and renting my equipment there (or storing my stuff there). It's fun while you do it and it's easy as boom, bam, done.

    I sneak in my 'excercise' by running around the city and dancing in the club. Or I'm a gym rat and totally zone out and crack myself up simultaneously.

    Just like the description says, I can be uncharacteristically methodical and routinized about my work outs, they are my anchor in an otherwise unstructured, unanchored lifestyle. It gives me something to focus on and pretend to be J with.
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    Colors correlate rather well with type it seems.
    I have arms for a fucking reaosn, so come hold me. Then we'll fuvk! Whoooooh! - GZA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    ditto, ditto

    why do people like applying systems that utilize arbitrary categorization like this to something so case-by-case... colors of fitness?
    dude, whatever helps people get up and off of their asses ha

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    Saffron. The description seemed at least close in many ways, although I'm pretty regimented about exercising (it's one of, if not the only, thing I'm ruthlessly schedule-driven about). It's something that I decided to do, so I set things up to make it simple and convenient, with as little thought or consideration to put into it as possible. So the part about removing barriers to exercising is true - but the whole part about being spontaneous about exercise really isn't. The whole thing about exercising alone is true - I'd never seriously consider joining a gym, for instance - I'd be much too self-conscious to be comfortable with working out with a bunch of strangers, and would quickly find reasons not to go. Doing things myself just works better.

    I do wish the author had just done an "MBTI exercise" book, instead of developing a closely-related derivation with a different nomenclature. It just confused things, and the questionnaire's either-or choices tended to make me want to answer "well, both" or "well, neither" - even more so than most such questionnaires. Interesting link though, thanks Jae .

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    Without taking the test, I'm a deep saffronish green with a subtle silvery background.

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    Posting here as well as other thread so can remember score:
    Green Efficients (ISTP)
    * Greens Efficients are practical and analytical. They will make use of a personal trainer who challenges them, holds them accountable, and doesnt talk too much.

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    Silver. It was spot on. It does correlate rather closely with MBTI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edel weiss View Post
    Silver. It was spot on. It does correlate rather closely with MBTI.
    Yes, she's an MBTI practitioner and in the book the types are clearly labeled by color:
    Blue: ISJ
    Gold: ESJ
    Red: ESP
    Green: ISP
    Silver: ENP
    Saffron: INP
    White: INJ
    Purple: ENJ

    I heard her present to a bunch of type experts and NO ONE disagreed with her over how she in general described their fitness approach. The book's lengthier description is so true for me that it sent me into gales of laughter.

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    Green, but I love it inside an old dirty gym.

    "Greens have a significant preference for training by themselves. Training alone minimizes the need for coordination and advance planning with other people, allowing them to catch the moment as it arises, without checking with anyone else. It speaks to the casual and flexible world that Greens prefer. They will likely prefer to arrive at the gym dressed for their workout, avoiding wasted time or interactions in the locker-room."

    This part is true.

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