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Thread: Could this be Lactose Intolerance?

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    Default Could this be Lactose Intolerance?

    I...apologize if this comes off as a bit "ugh" of a topic for most people, but I don't quite know whom else to consult at this moment.

    Normally I can eat a large meal with no ill effects.

    However, every time I eat this one meal at a certain restaurant, I get bloated and gassy. Oh, and I also get STUPIDLY irritable for no reason. Like, I want to strangle the world and everything is intruding upon me. It's not particularly painful, but my stomach feels bloated and distended.

    The meal? Grilled Cheese and a Chocolate Milkshake, both of which have a very high milk content (especially the latter). I drink a lot of Lactaid milk and seem to not suffer from noticeable bloating or irritability.

    What makes me uncertain of whether or not it IS Lactose intolerance or not is due to the fact that I don't suffer from more...ah...'disruptive' digestive symptoms. Is it possible to be Lactose-intolerant without suffering from 'external' symptoms of gastrointestinal distress?

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    Even though when I asked my doctor to test me for lactose intolerance and it came out negative, I still don't have (much) of dairy because I still react. Have had an argument with a surgeon about that also. So I just figure it out myself.

    Maybe there is something else too in the grilled cheese, milkshake? You don't exactly get to see the ingredients list. But I agree that reactions are personal

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    Sorry, TMI.

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    I'm the same way actually, so...

    Must be some kind of intolerance. I don't get horrible symptoms from it but drinking milk, milkshakes, milk with cereal, or too much cheese does give me the bluhs.

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