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    Default New tricks, interesting or novel ways to get yer exercise

    Well, what has anyone to report? Any interesting or novel machines in the gyms, ways of training or interesting ways of getting your thirty minutes exercise each day which stops it becoming a drag?

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    I do a hybrid of isometrics and yoga. My balance is awesome as a result. My workout includes:

    1. Squats by holding my suitcase full of clothes out in front of me. One set equals 20 reps or held in the down position for 30 seconds.

    2. Push ups with a leg extended behind me (20 reps for each leg)
    A. I hold my leg extended in the same manner, in the up position for 10 seconds, then go as close to the ground as possible in the down position, with my knee touching and bent to my elbow, held for ten seconds. After which I go to the up position with the same pose for 10 seconds.

    3. I do #1 but without the suitcase, and 100 times, extending the arms wide in the up position, and closing them infront of me as I complete the down position, spreading them as I rise up. (Like a really exaggerated hand clap)

    4. I do the chair-sit without the chair, arms out infront of my for one minute minimum.

    I alternate between the squat variations and push-up variations for about 20-30 minutes and tada: balance and enduring power. Iron thighs and awesomeness.
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    I like to change it up with work out DVD routines. (anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE advocate of work out DVDs. They're the best thing since machines that you don't need a spotter for.) I think a lot of them are really fun and they activate muscles that my normal 'routine' tends to forget about. It also gives you instruction and guidance, so even if you aren't good at, say, yoga, kickboxing, or dancing.. the instructions will help, and you could learn something new while exercising.

    For running, I change it up. In the winter, I focus more on leg strength and endurance so I'm not completely sore and exhausted when I snowboard. In the summer, swimming helps replace the days I'm too lazy to run. Walking routines help too--you activate different muscles in the legs while walking at a fast pace. I typically do 13-15min. miles while walking, weight helps get an extra work out from it. Sprints + slow jogging and walking provide interval training.

    Usually, Id work on a reward-like system at home. Completing a work out DVD without fail for a month, or hitting my goal, I'd reward myself with something set aside--a CD on my wish list to run to, or a pair of shoes I've been eyeing if I have spare cash, or a piece of equipment I've been admiring the reviews on.. Usually the rewards were exercise-oriented too, to keep everything going and flowing.

    Eventually, I got lazy and stopped rewarding myself because exercise just became so routine for me that I didn't think of it as a conscious part of my day--it was a give-in that I was going to work out, just like brushing my teeth. I tend to like that stage of it all.

    I did, however, reward myself with a zombie 5k obstacle course race this December.

    I say, the more you change up a work out, the better you are. Even if you aren't good at running, you ought to run. Not a strong swimmer? all the more reason to swim. Dancing gives you two left feet? Try to keep up with a work out DVD in the privacy of your own home. Can't do a pull up to save your life? Do strength training military style to build up those muscles. About as flexible as your laptop? Yoga should be given a chance..

    Working out is not only staying in shape, it's being healthy and working on your weaknesses. Opening up your body to being able to do more opens up your mind to more possibilities as well.

    I left gym memberships and classes out of this because those are expensive, and you really don't need them. For the price of a gym membership you could have some basic equipment and a few instructional books/movies to move you right along.
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    Anytime I run up or down stairs I do it as brisk as possible, on my toes, transferring as little force from myself to the ground as possible.

    Not sure if this is the kind of thing you were looking for.

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    I've always found that playing sports is the easiest way to get exercise in. You lose track of time and focus on the goal of playing or winning and you forget about exhaustion.

    Play tennis with someone, rock climb with friends, join a hiking group on, play basketball at the local park or gym, walk briskly around the block with a neighbor and enjoy some conversation, take a bike ride along the river, go on a city stroll downtown with a date, go tour another city and walk around their tourist sites, go to the zoo with a nephew or niece and the ideas are limitless.

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    What is

    I just like hearing everyones ideas, its motivating, I'm trying to diversify in my health and fitness routines, I use a gym and that's a staple, so is walking on the beach and in a local forest but I like ideas, if its not interesting it becomes difficult and then its a drag.

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