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Thread: What do you feel like in the morning?

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    Back when my RA was having it's way with my body I felt like 21 going on 85. Especially in the mornings. Nowadays I feel more like 22 going on 7 since I'm not only a night owl, but I've been blessed with a penchant for being a morning person, as well.

    Oh yes. I suspect it's very annoying. Just like a 7-year-old at 8am.

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    I'm on autopilot until about 10 or so... I have my morning down to such a routine that I really don't register as feeling ANYTHING that early I drink coffee or tea because if I don't I'm going to get a headache and I have my morning schedule down to the point where even with a shower and breakfast I can go from bed to out the door in 20 minutes... thinking back to that time period from any other part of the day I'm really not sure how I do it or in what order I do stuff I even get through the first few hours of work appearing competent and awake somehow... I must be an illusionist of some sort

    if I get to sleep in sufficiently, I tend to wake up in a good mood, though still not fully there mentally for a bit... I feel fine though

    I'm 28, I get sufficient exercise, though I'm not much of a morning person
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    I get cranky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    Since this isn't showing up in the new posts, I'll go first.
    That's because you already clicked on it.

    I feel great in the morning. I'm up and out the door early; no ones around; and I find that normal people don't get going, intellectually speaking, until around 10. So I generally have about 3 hours to take advantage of people every . . . single . . . day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    What do you feel like in the morning when you wake up? How alert is your mind, or just describe how your mind feels. How does your body feel in terms of mobility, stiffness, pain, relaxed, energized, or anything else?

    Are you a person who exercises regularly, and what sort of exercise do you do? Does coffee or tea help in the morning or the day?

    Oh and also, approximately (or specifically) how old are you?
    In the morning, I feel like I'm in a fog. It takes my brain 2 - 3 hours to really get going. I drink a couple cups of strong tea and that helps. It used to be coffee but I developed an allergy to it.

    I can't exercise in the morning. I know this is better for you but I have such a hard time getting up that it just doesn't work for me.

    Am I stiff? Sometimes .

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    Wretched. Some mornings are very bad but like @allegorystory, I have RA, too. It can make mornings an experience from hell. Even before I had it, I always felt terrible in the mornings. I don't usually feel alert and awake until the afternoon no matter how much sleep I get.

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    I'm not a morning person, but once I spring out of bed, lol!, I have a lot of energy throughout the day. And since I workout at the end of the day, sometimes I have trouble falling asleep.

    Sleeping is like eating to me, it's something I have to do for survival, but I find that it interferes with other stuff I'd rather be doing. When I don't eat or sleep, I get grouchy.

    I have trouble focusing first thing in the morning; I don't follow a strict routine. It takes a few minutes for my mind to kick-in. I do drink coffee and tea.

    I exercise regularly. I run. I do aerobics; my favorite is step. I do not lift weights.

    I rarely feel stiffness or pain.

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    Every morning my neighbor's dog howls.

    I feel like howling in the mornings too, so we howl together.

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    Horrible. Groggy, achey, hating to get out of bed.

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