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    Anew Leaf

    Default How to walk in heels....?

    Ok, maybe I am a dork... but is there a trick to walking in heels? I am 5'10" so I don't normally wear heels. However, my dad is getting married on Saturday and I picked up some new shoes and they are platform with 4" heels... and are proving rather "different" to walking in versus my normal pantheon of shoeness.

    So far my walk resembles either a drunken pirate or a gangster rapper with saggy jeans.

    Any tips?

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    Lift with your heel first, then your toe. Step down on a flat base. Basically you are walking a little bit ahead of yourself.

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    Anew Leaf


    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Lift with your heel first, then your toe. Step down on a flat base. Basically you are walking a little bit ahead of yourself.
    Interesting... I shall try that out tomorrow! Thank you!

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    Sway your hips. Not only is it easier to walk that way but you'll also feel hotter. Win-win.

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    I agree about the hip-swaying

    Just practice. It will be ok. I am 6' tall and didn't start wearing heels until about seven years ago. I always felt I was too tall, then got sick of never wearing pretty shoes... Well, there are nice flats out there but heels are pretty. Not that I wear them all the time, I wear flats more, but heels are fun. I get stared at like nobody's business too. Of course, sometimes it's hard to tell if men are staring at me in terror or if they're attracted, but it's generally fun.

    At first I simply thought I wouldn't be able to walk in them, but that problem sorted itself out pretty soon. And I'm a bit on the awkward/uncoordinated side, but it still worked out. It's actually true that they force you to stand up straighter, look more confident, etc etc. (And basically, if you are a very tall woman, which either 5'10'' or 6' is, you have two choices: look more confident than average because you're tall and you're stepping out boldly, or look less confident than average because you're slouching and trying to hide your height, yet are still obviously tall.)
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    The hip-sway somehow (maybe like a gyro scope?) helps me stay balanced, but it seems to happen more easily with heels. There's a rhythm to it...
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    I wear heels quite often, and I would not wear them without these. Makes walking much easier.
    I also use ball-of-foot inserts, as the first part to start hurting for me, is the ball of the foot. All of your weight will come down there.
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    hahaha saturned just go with the swagger babe
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    1.) Keep practicing. Every day for at least an hour 'til Saturday.

    2.) Bring a spare pair of shoes that match, even some ballerina flats if the shoes are really killing you. You will likely get tired and sore in them when you're not used to them. You can stomp around in a 3.5" heel for about 65% longer than a 4" - trust me, I have measured this stuff out scientifically.

    3.) Do not step / strike down on the heel. Don't trust the heel to take the pressure. You basically imagine you are walking on tippie-toes and there are no heels to tippie-toes, get it? The heel is not to be used for anything other than a modest stability, esp at that height. As TG says, step flat.

    4.) And platforms have a rocking nature to them, rolling you forward. Be sure to lift your feet or you'll trip on surfaces you wouldn't ordinarily think twice about walking on.

    And take pics! We want to see you in all your glory!
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