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Thread: Bicycle seats for females

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    Default Bicycle seats for females

    I need to get one. Anything I should look for in particular? I use a bike for pragmatic reasons rather than enjoyment. I cycle to/from work May-Sept, which is about 30 minutes each way once I get in biking shape and with pumped tires etc, and don't expect to bike much other than that. My bike is an all-purpose kind of bike (thick tires, front shocks, not a road bike) and I've been using it for about 5 years, if that makes a difference.

    My current seat is still usable, but it's getting ripped and bending down on the sides now, and it's reallllly uncomfortable (male bike, very hard and narrow seat). I'm kindof average sized in the "seat" area, lol.

    I'm hoping for:

    -best value for my situation (e.g. it will sometimes be left in the rain although I try not to, so an expensive seat is probably a bad value for me....durability is a big plus)

    -comfortable for trips <1hr, since I doubt I'll ever go longer than that. It doesn't have to be a silk cushion, just something that doesn't constantly leave me too sore to ride a bike the next day.

    What should I look for? Brands, shapes? What should I be paying for a seat that is kinda bottom-edge, but not complete garbage?
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    I don't really know, it was always the angle that made the biggest difference in comfort. So I suppose something that is easily adjustable.

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    I had to get one of those.. uh.. these.

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