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Thread: Lets go running!

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    Late to the running game, relatively speaking -- I know people who started running in high school track and field and still do it, whereas I'm 24 and just starting now -- but I really like running so far. I like the exploring part of running outdoors, I like enjoying the fresh air, I like "getting in the zone". I LOVE the feeling of getting my second wind (which I experienced for the first time about a month ago).

    I've been trying to actually get into running -- as in, more than once a week or every other week -- now that the weather is nicer. But the problem I've been having is that every time I've gone running in the past, it's been because I had a sudden irresistible craving for running, so without that craving I'm totally unmotivated. I figure the craving will become more consistent, the more I do it. But it's been hard so far. :/
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    I like running but I hate it when people stare at me because I am a bit fat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    Run with me, run for me, run for YOU! I love running. I love stretching before I run, I love showering after I run, and I love prodding blisters.

    What do you think about running?
    I enjoy showers...does that count?
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    I used to be able to do ten miles at my peak.

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    I've been running for six months or so. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Ultimately I love it--it's a release, and it helps me manage my moods. The hatred is really more of making the decision to run. Getting out the door is most of it, in my opinion.

    I would never go out for cross country or track--or any team sport, for that matter. Exercising is my alone time (occasionally I go with my sister). Also, I'm god-awful at it. When you look out and see the joggers, don't assume that we're all athletic.
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    Ill run my mouth! My feet though... They look like those little string puppet things, they get all tangled and disjointed and yeah its just better for humanity for me not to. I dont think that their lungs could handle the intence influx of laughter, they would probably explode.

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    The best part about running is the outdoor, I love running in the wild. Unfortunately I can not afford it right now as I am stuck in an urban area and the best I can get is a park
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    205 lbs dont run, they climb, outdoors !
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