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Thread: Lets go running!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    Sometimes, I forget. But I always pay for it. Life is balance.
    sometimes I forget too, but my legs remind me eventually. I never stretch for cycling though.

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    I hate it, but I understand its importance, so I respect it and what it does for my body (and my career.) Also, I will continue to prefer it other types of cardio until they make headphones I can swim with affordable.
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    I like it. But I like running with a purpose more, like a sport or something. But I loooooove stretching. Feels so good!
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    Running sucks. I do it all the time, though, unfortunately.
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    I've never been good at running. I lose my breath after running just a couple of blocks. On the other hand I am a natural at walking. My favorite form of exercising is taking brisk walks, sometimes for several miles at a time.
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    Love it. Got my new pair of asics so I can train for all the summer road races around here! (And one for next November.)
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    I LOVE it, under one condition: no treadmills or indoor tracks.

    Talk about feeling like a hamster. A very bored, irritated hamster.

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    I miss it.

    I loved running, but running did not love me.

    I developed back problems and eventually sciatica. I might get over them by this summer, but I'm not sure if I will be able to ever do any of the ultramarathons I once loved... at least not without a serious risk of injury.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    But I loooooove stretching. Feels so good!
    me too. post run stretch.
    knees to chest . feet over head.
    feel it in the hamstrings.

    i like running. but nowadays
    i always cheat. i end up eating
    halfway. and take a cab back.
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    I miss it, need to get back into it again soon.

    In college, I ran/biked a duathlon, coming in at 15th place in my age group--out of 16 people that is.

    I only enjoy running outside, preferably during a rain or snowstorm. I'd rather run on a cloudy day than a sunny one. Barefoot running was awesome--removing those weights called "shoes." The incredulous looks were great entertainment too. Running barefoot in the rain on wet asphalt is very soothing to the feet. Strangely, it starts to feel like very firm, wet beach sand.

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