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Thread: Why are some people softly spoken...

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    I have a really soft voice naturally. I hate speaking loud because I have acute hearing. I am the worst person for the hearing impaired....the sound waves of my voice seem to be too low and monotonous for them (so I have been told). However, anytime I get excited, I speak loudly and people tell me to quiet down. Quiet normally but loud when I get animated.

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    It depends on the company. In one-on-one conversation I am monotone. And if there is more than one person present I am spirited. If I have to represent myself to everyone, then I have to talk at them, not with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synapse View Post
    While others are loud as f@#k!

    Eg. When I worked at a mail center once you could hear this freak of nature of a man from the other side of the room, what I thought was screaming, talking. It was so annoying I wanted to stick a rifle up his ass. Work people said, oh that's just normal, he's always like that. I would understand if he had hearing aid, you know half deaf. But no's this guy you could practically hear everything he said a mile away.

    Is it medical or just learned behavior to be softly or loudly spoken?

    Because quite frankly I used to be softly spoken too, ah well, I still am by particle degrees. Especially when I get that stoned look on my face and I just haven't got the energy to say diddly.

    Was that guy named Chris by any chance?

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