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Thread: How often do you wash your clothing?

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    Shirts and undergarments get worn once. Jeans get worn 3-4 times. Sweatshirts are usually worn for a week.

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    Once a week. Underwear, socks, t-shirts and shirts worn once, trousers and hoodies about 4-5 times, coats I can go a month without washing it.

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    I'm a sniffer. I don't care for how long i've worn something -- as long as it smells fresh, i will wear it. Although i avoid wearing the same shirt two consecutive days, just to keep up appearances. I always rotate through a couple of outfits.

    Underwear and socks are an obvious exception to the sniffing method, but i must admit i sniff those too sometimes. They just never pass the test
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    i live where housekeepers are relatively inexpensive.
    so whenever, the housekeeper comes. she deals with it.

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    I recently had a convo with an INTP that i value the opinion of regarding this. We discussed the overwashing of clothing. Namely that so many items are washed while they are still clean. This is bad for a number of reasons. The most obvious being the amount of energy they use, and (the) cost.
    If i have a top that has a big glob of oil on it or smells bad then yes of course i wash it. It seems incredibly pointless and wasteful to wash items that are clean simply because they have been worn once.
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