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Thread: If I can't take care of myself after surgery, and nobody else is willing to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oom View Post
    A mental health issue and you are going to be bleeding from being treated? What is it, a lobotomy or something?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    can I stay at the hospital?

    I know it would be extremely expensive, but...
    What is the surgery? I am recovering from two at the moment (on 03-20-10 and 03-30-10) and have had enough experience with prior surgeries that I can probably tell you if you will need assistance or if you will be "okay" by yourself...

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    I think they don't want people staying in the hospital because you're at a greater risk to get sick from other patients and stuff like that. It's actually the last place they want recovering people to stay, in my understanding.
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